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“Transforming mind, body, and spirit through community, commitment, and connection.”

At Mana Recovery we offer a type of treatment that is considered the first of its kind. Recover Strong is a strengths-based form of therapy that is used in the treatment of behavioral health issues such as substance abuse and mental health disorders.

How was Recover Strong Created?

Recover Strong was researched and developed based on the latest advancements in neuroscience, substance abuse treatment, and cognitive therapy. This process allows a person’s brain to heal by utilizing physical training- specifically intense physical training to create a state that produces neuroregeneration.

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Recover Strong Therapy At Mana Recovery

How is Recover Strong Experienced?

Exercise is performed in a community setting, which helps provide support and encouragement. The overall effects of this therapy on the brain support an improved capacity to be able to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Individuals have also reported having an increase in clarity of thinking, more social interaction, and overall improved self-esteem.

At Mana Recovery, our Recover Strong Therapy is the foundation of our treatment center. We have seen a significant impact on overall addiction recovery success rates by increasing attendance and community engagement. By cultivating an environment where everyone provides encouragement and support, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in conflict.

Recover Strong is an engaged, supportive community where individuals experience transformative change. Community members build resilience and power through strength building. By combining our Recovery Strong program with evidence-based therapy methods we are transforming the lives of everyone who is enrolled.

Experience Recover Strong

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